PHASES 1 – 4

Aberfeldy, Perthshire

2017 – 2021

At the outset of the project, a masterplan framework was conceived for a residential scheme for the site south of Kenmore Road at the west of Aberfeldy, which was zoned for housing in the Local Development Plan. Phases 1 – 4 of the Duntuim development have been completed, which involved working with the client to create 45 new houses, which comprised a mix of house types developed to appeal to a broad sector of the market. Phase 1 included 24 houses, working with Hillcrest Housing Association, whilst Phases 2, 3 & 4 were constructed in conjunction with private residential developer, Duntaylor Developments.

The scheme evolved around the crucial design strategy to form residential streets that follow the natural course of steep existing topography. A new spine road has been proposed to the west, and four new streets have been added in connecting the new houses into the fabric of the town; Cluny Crescent, Hutchison Avenue, Campbell Avenue, Croft View, as well as the extension of the existing Duntaylor Avenue.

The layout, density and siting of the plots was based on the mix of dwellings found in the surrounding area and that were likely to attract a wide range of residents. The built footprint of the first four phases equates to 20% in total of the site area. The dwellings were positioned to address the development streets and reinforce a sense of place. The varieties of dwelling and plot type are generally distributed across the site to promote diversity and visual interest. The dwelling types provided include; 1 ½ storey substantial 4-5 bedroom villas, 1 ½ storey modest 3-bed dwellings, 3-bed bungalows, smaller footprint 2-storey 3-bed dwellings, and semi-detached 2-3 bedroom affordable housing dwellings.

We were delighted that the project was shortlisted for the Dundee Institute of Architects Awards 2021, in the Best Group of Housing category.