Eòlas Architects

Eòlas* Architects, formerly Fearn Macpherson, is an award-winning architecture and design studio based in Glasgow and Aberfeldy, Highland Perthshire.

Eòlas is a successful, dynamic and highly-experienced practice which adopts a bespoke approach to each project, developing, through a close relationship with its clients, a considered design tailored to their needs. It aims to achieve projects completed within budget, on time and sustainably to their bespoke requirements.

We hold extensive experience in housing, agricultural buildings, hotel, community spaces, energy provision, healthcare and education. The variety of our work encompasses individual new houses, holiday and house group developments, estate and agricultural works, large and small house refurbishments, extensions and remodelling historic, listed and protected buildings.


Eòlas approaches each project with professionalism, enthusiasm and integrity.


Eòlas is involved with an exciting range of projects between the Aberfeldy and Glasgow offices.


We enjoy working on all sizes of projects, from the requirements of houses in the conservation area, to large developments that require work with national contractors and developers.


noun [ Scottish Gaelic – Gaidhlaig ]; ee-oh-lis
Knowledge, information, especially knowledge guided by experience of practice, acquaintance.