Construction commencement 2022

The grade C-listed Keillour Castle is located in the grounds of Keillour estate, 11 miles west of Perth, which dates back as far as the 13th century. The castle itself was built in 1981, designed by Andrew Heiton, and listed in 1981. It sits in a mature woodland clearing, surrounded by steep embankments down to Keillour burn on the east and Horn burn to the west.

Keillour Farmhouse is located approximately 150 metres to the northwest, featuring a plaque dating it to 1861, and a listed coat of arms from the 17th century which has been built into the north wall. The site sits within the designated Garden & Designed Landscape grounds of Keillour Castle.

We are working with our client to restore the buildings, bring each back into use, convert the castle into a new exclusive use ‘hunting lodge’, and transform the dilapidated Keillour Farmhouse into their family home. The proposed works to the both buildings include internal alterations, improving the layout of each floor, as well as general renovation and repair work to the existing building fabric internally and externally.